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Monster Guide Suggestions

In my large amounts of free time over the next week or so, I plan on writing a monster of a guide for how to more efficiently answer in Customization.

Often, volunteers get lost in the sea of links to HowTo, merging, and actual guidelines on how to answer what. What I need from all of you are things you would like to see addressed in this guide. :) This will be a more complex version of my first two posts.

A few things I know I want to discuss are: how CSS works (more specifically how it ties in with a majority of the system styles), the style system itself (how the properties and variables work together, as well as how overrides actually function), how to be more psychic when dealing with requests, and I'll probably go back over a few basic procedures.

This is all in an effort to make Customization easier to jump into. As it stands, it can sometimes be quite menacing and volunteers sometimes shy away from Cust and run towards G/U. ;)

This is where you come in. (Largely screened volunteers, but privs aren't barred from commenting. :p) What did you find most confusing when you began volunteering in Cust? What do you still sometimes have problems with? Name one or two specific areas that you think I should focus on that you think will help you and/or other volunteers improve the most.

Thanks! :)
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