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A quick note on not logged in requests in Customization.

If a user isn't logged in when they are making a request in customization, they need to be told to log in before we can answer their request. Please review the Policy & Procedures post for Supporthelp Privs, Sections I & II for more information on this.

Basically, if a user isn't logged in, or is request help for a friend, the best way we can help them is if they are logged in or if their friend opens their own request. Not just because we need to see their journal ourselves, or speaking with the person directly causes less confusion, but because it will eliminate requests that are really for UJ or DJ. We don't do Customization support for UJ or DJ; they have their own Customization support.

Customization isn't like g/unk where a user might have a legitimate reason not to be logged in. In customization they are requesting help with customizing their LiveJournal. Non-users don't make requests for how to add a custom scrollbar or background, they don't have a journal to customize, after all. ;)

Most of the time the user probably forgot they weren't logged in. That's fine, a polite comment to please resubmit while logged in --along with a brief explanation of why we can best help them that way-- will be great. This way we can actually check back to see if they've applied the override or had trouble, and we can offer them specific advise, while still eliminating requests from users of other services. If someone has both an LJ and a UJ or DJ, that's fine, but its not our responsibility to offer support for 350,000+ other users when we have 720,000+ of our own to worry about. ;) Having the user logged in helps us help them. A good thing all around.

Thanks so much guys, you're the best!
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oh, bah. feel free to kill me. anytime. stupid. and i usually notice, too.
hehe I actually don't know who has been doing it. I just noticed it a while ago and kept meaning to post, and kept meaning to post, and got buried in that avalanche of reviews. Thanks for your help with that, btw. :)
oh, yeah, i just approved something like 5 minutes before this post where the person wasn't logged in. scrollbar colors? or cursor change, maybe. last night i pounced on one with a comment, but this one had an answer mentioning the login bit, so i didn't even think twice. evil.
And because it's good to spell things out in detail. The exception I heard someone (possibly you) mention to this is if you get a request from someone considering a journal about whether something is possible.

But that is fairly easy as it has one of three short answers:
Only with a paid account
Yep. That exception is in the policy post. I meant to add it here too, but in proofreading for all those commas, I forgot. Thanks!
I've been doing that and secretly feeling a sick pleasure in doing so! HAH! NO, WE WON'T HELP YOU!! BWAHAHAHA.
*thinks the icon has gone to IkeIke's head*
braindrain can smell our brains?

hrm, curious thought.