Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Pick the new icon!

The long awaited poll to select the new customization icon!

Poll #75099 Pick Customization's Icon!

What icon should we use for customization?

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I voted for Rainbow Frank, but you need to keep "go away" and use it elsewhere :)
I wanted to pick the go away one, really I did. The only thing that stopped me, was the idea that people might stumble in and see the icon and find it rude, not that *I* care but some people might.
My thoughts exactly...
See my comment below.
Yeah I considered that. But then I thought... have you seen abuse's icon lately? If people can't take a joke *shrug*. I'm also going to adjust the userinfo some to state Cust policy more, so it would be fine if that's what people wanted. I really think people are over sensitive, and yes, we need to be aware of that and adjust, but the icon really isn't "offensive" and I figured there's no harm in folks having a little fun if that's what they wanted, for the small percentage of people who would be upset about it, some people will find things to be upset about no matter what, usually because we wouldn't do their whole style for them in their support request. ;) And I'm not going to spoil everybody else's fun over a few people who will be upset either way.
Heh no I had not seen Abuse's icon til now *smirk*

And you are right, considering who is meant to be in this community and what it is NOT supposed to be, we probably shouldn't care if it might offend a few people. In fact, with that in mind I would have voted for the "go away" one instead of the "customize this" one.
too bad i can't pick three....
i voted for purple frank, but i like cranky frank and sketchy computer frank too...
I like the "go away" one, except that customization won't design any of your journal, or offer support, or anything . . . that seems more for howto, which will tell you how to do specific things but won't answer questions if you comment.

So I voted for rainbow (gay?) Frank.

Actually, come to think of it, I like all of them, but I'm sticking with rainbow Frank.
I'm abstaining, because I don't really like any of them. Sorry to those who made them, but I'm just not overly impressed, and art is a personal preference thing, not anything against the artists.

I've looked at them a few times, in case one of them might "grow on me," but they didn't.

I think "Go away" is the best, way better than "customize this" (because "WHATEVER this" always makes me want to know "what?" becuase it's not like the speaker--Frank in this case-- is indicating what to customize). But even "go away" isn't all that exciting. Rainbow frank would be better if it were actually a rainbow, but you'll notice an absence of orange, and there are no gradations of color, all the colors are too bright, so it's just. . . . garish. Honestly, it looks like someone just used the MS Paint palette to fill in the spaces on a Frank template. I don't want to associate customization with garish. Option 4 "lj Custom" is too dark, and if you can't get the whole word in , don't bother putting any at all-- this isn't "lj Custom." Option #3 fits the garish criteria, too.

So, um, yeah. I dislike "go away" the least, but that's not a reason to vote for it. Let someone who actually likes them vote-- if I'm not willing to make the time to create better-looking icons for Cust, then I probably shouldn't vote for one that I "don't hate as much as the other ones."

If I did make one, though, it would probably show some sort of food item with "Custy bits-- would you like fries with that?" (or something similar) because that's my all-time favorite IC in support: "Would you like fries with that?" when a user basically asked for some very intense style customizations and lots and lots and lots of "tweaking." Also, calling them custy "bits" is a pun, because data is stored in bits and bytes and such. . . . OK, now I either have to go make the stupid icon or just sulk about the fact that I'm a talentless hack who can't come up with a cool icon idea until it's too late and we're already voting. . . . .
See, I know it's late, but I couldn't shake it, so I made one:
sorry, but it's extremely hard to read, and doesn't look very much like food.
And what is a custy?
If you are going to go to such lengths to insult the efforts of others, you could at least come up with something better.

a) if you knew anything about customization support, the focus of this community, you would know what "custy" means.

b) as stated in my previous comment, art isn't about insult-- I didn't like the artwork. It's a personal preference; others like the artwork a lot. I gave my reasons, because I could actually articulate them, which is rare for me when it comes to art.

c) the "doesn't look much like food" is a fair critique, though it was what I could come up with in 5 minutes using google's image search for "french fries" and public domain art. Draft 2 would be much better-- actually, I didn't think it looked very much like French Fries either, but I didn't want to over-tweak something that really has no chance of becoming a permanent fixture.

d) if you're going to bother to post such an accusatory comment, the least you could do is post non-anonymously, and give a better critique than "come up with something better" or somehow explain how it's hard to read-- bad contrast? illegible font? don't like the filters? what?

Also, note that it's not eligible for the new icon for customization-- I didn't get it in on time. So it amuses others while at the same time fills my need to feel as though, if I'm going to bother criticizing others' work, I can at least make a half-assed effort to contribute something that I, at least, would like better. If I hadn't, you probably would have said "If you're going to insult other people's work, you should at least come up with your own.-- walk the walk and all that."

Besides, it made finding_helena laugh. I care way more for her opinion than I do for some anonymous poster (and I just deleted about four insults I was going to say about you, and decided not to...).

Oh, and if you like the icons in the poll, fine. There are lots of people who like them whom I respect and admire. I just don't like them, and chose to voice what I thought were weaknesses in the designs and jokingly propose an alternative. You know, they threw back the first set of new WTC designs for being unoriginal, and the new pool of proposals is supposed to be much better and innovative in the variety of approaches. Critiquing art isn't a bad thing: it pushes artists to do better, strive harder, and get in touch with what they really want to say with their art, not what's been said before or what's easy to do.
I remember having made one of those screened-answer-internal-comment things a while back with "Would you like fries with that?" People laughed and stuff, but I still got a Very Stern Warning. :-)