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I really didn't think I'd ever make this post and mean it. The way things are right now, I can't do this anymore. My activity levels on the board have been dwindling, this past month or two, and I can't imagine that reversing at any point in time unless the wheels of administration stop running backwards. Take my privs away, because God knows I've been doing this for a year (a year as of yesterday, actually) but I surely can't be trusted to not randomly screw things up and know my own limits.

I'll miss playing with code and making people's journals uglier than I could ever imagine, but that's about it. Stress as an excuse or not, I won't miss how I've been, and seen other people be, treated the past month or so. And who knows, maybe things'll change and I'll be back. Or maybe I'll get replaced and I won't need to come back. *shrugs*
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The "changing" currents hack for paid users.

We need to start noting on answers where we are describing how to "change" the currents (protected entry, only I2 and above can see it, just a reminder what the override looks like) that it will only show up on the user's LASTN page and not on their friend's friends page or the talkread/post pages. Its the only way to avoid confusion about what can and can't be done with the override.

If you're new or just generally have no idea what I'm talking about, no worries, its a wicked hack and you're better off not knowing about it. ;)
Mr. Anonymous

The difficulties with S2, from a support standpoint.

It is my honest opinion that a lot of the worrying that has been going on in regards to S2 is completely groundless.

Yes, this is a new way of doing things, but the basic principles applicable to customization support will remain the same. If you think about it about 95% of the customization requests that come in are solved by basic CSS tweaking. This will be no different with S2, the syntax for CSS is going to be the same, right? Joe Average is not going to bothered about the new capabilities to do complex foreach loops, all he wants is to make his links go all kick ass and blurry when you hover over them. That means all you need to do is find the bit that looks like CSS and put in your prettifying bits.

But what about the rest? what about the ones who want to create their own S2 styles? well think about how you learned to use the current style system, simple copy and paste, right? this will not be any different.more detailCollapse )

When it boils down to it, all customization support is is making things look pretty for other people. You will always be using HTML and CSS to do that. Fret not about the rest, it will not be applicable very often and in the rare occasion that it might be, we have more than a handful of programming literate people to hand to help out.

So sit back, stick on some Pink Floyd and relax, it's not going to as bad as you think. Infact it wont be bad at all, it's gonna kick ass!

brief post regarding S2

Now, before you all panic, I just wanted to bring it up for some minor discussion. :) I don't mean to scare anyone, and I'm certainly not declaring what will or will not happen in customisation or customisation support. Because I don't know what exactly Brad has in mind for S2 LJ integration or how Jesse, Arie, etc. plan on supporting it. :)

With that in mind...

Click to view a layer source.

This, basically, is the future of customisation if S2 is implemented "as is" -- that is, with any bugs/kinks ironed out and obviously adapted to LJ. That code powers a page like this (to avoid confusion, it's meant to look like a directory).

For a "prettier" example, see this layer source and what it produces.

Now, it's my understanding -- and again, this is not final or official, it's simply what I know so far -- all users will be able to use customisation "wizards"; I presume most of you are familiar with these. If you're not, please comment, and I'll do my best to explain. However, it's also my understanding that paid/perm/(presumably)EA users will be able to create their own layout layers. The kind I linked above.

How do you feel about this? Are you nervous? Think you can't do it? Or think you can? Do you want time to learn it or get a feel for it before it's introduced to The General Public? Let me hear it, I want all your thoughts on this. Don't hold back.

No one here will be berated or made to feel bad/stupid/whatever if they express views that I or others don't like or don't agree with. Please do not refrain from commenting because you feel you might "get yelled at" or anything. And please do not do that to others. I want an open, helpful and honest conversation, not a flame war. Thanks! :)

Edit: Please see this. It's an "overrides wizard" -- that's not a real name, but it's the best way I can describe it. It's sort of like modify.bml in what it does. In terms of it's a way the user can edit the properties of the current layer they're using.

Edit 2: For a comparison of S1 to S2, see this. If it appears jumbled, refresh. Disclaimer: it is not totally technically accurate as S2 is not currently implemented for LJ, but it gives a general idea.
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Fixing HowTo tutorial for Generator Realign/Resize

Made two changes to Generator Realign/Resize override.

1/ Adjusted percentages to equal 95% to prevent horizontal scroll bar in certain situations. It was mentioned the default is center and the horizontal scrollbar is elminated if you remove the margin-left and right values, however users may want the journal placed non-center. For ease of use by the sometimes less than expierenced, its best to leave in the margin-right/left and drop the total to 95 than explain each set of circumstances and a series of overrides.

2/ changed the table table table value to auto vice 0 to prevent bugginess in Mozilla with display of currents. If you notice oddness due to this change please drop me an e-mail at howto [at] arieanne [dot] org.
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Follow-Ups, Closings, Support & NaNoWriMo (

Anyone who doesn't know yet that I'm participating in NaNo hasn't been paying attention. ;) I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear I'm still on target to finish, a little ahead even. :P

Alot of Support is participating in NaNo. Basically, what this means is we're all busy writing novels instead of doing Support. Which is wonderful because the world needs more hastily written, unedited novels. On the flip side Support, and Customization is a touch neglected. A little neglect is fine, nothing in Cust is ever that earth shattering, and nobody will die if we wait a few days to tell them how to color their scrollbar or hover their mouse cursor. We've got plenty of time to catch it all up in December.

But in the interest of helping each other out and keeping the board at least somewhat tidy, I'd like to ask that we get back to the follow up of youreplied and the e-mailing of the closing lists. This will help everyone because a request doesn't always get regreened if a user comments back, so it could go an extra long time this month without being noticed. You can also use the xx that g/unk uses in its subject lines to indicate that a request is closeable. Just put a double x (xx) at the beginning of the current subject summary. Indicating something is closeable will help everyone save time by realizing they don't have to go into that request, its been handled.

Please, follow up on your youreplied filters whether you have the ability to change the subject or not. I1s and I2s can also leave ICs indicating they believe the request is closeable. Whether you are just leaving an IC or changing the subject, please indicate exactly why the request is closeable. "User applied overrides" "user changed their mind (link to a post in their journal where they say they want something else, perhaps)" etc. Do NOT worry about marking requests that are "old" as closeable. If a user hasn't applied overrides, a priv can nag them and eventually it will get closed by me.

Thanks a bunch guys! Good luck to those working on novels this month!
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Random Stats!

Because they're fun!

In the last 2 months volunteers in the Customizaton category have submitted 4,941 answers (screened or otherwise).

--That averages out to just over 82 answers submitted a day.
--2,243 of those answers were submitted by volunteers who currently have no privs at all (I1, I2, or Supporthelp). Thats 45% of all submitted answers! Of course that's just answers submitted, it doesn't have anything to do with approvability. ;)
--Supporthelp privs sumbitted the second highest number of answers with 1,167.
--Followed very closely by I2s at 1,019 submitted answers.
--Nine (9) I1 privs were responsible for an amazing 512 of all submitted answers!
--There were 20 Supporthelp privs, 11 I2 privs, and 9 I1 privs submitting answers during this time.
--We have given 16 I1, 8 I2, and 3 Supporthelp privs in the last 2 months (since the beginning of interim privs).

Okay I think I've milked all the completely useless information I could out of that. It was only for submitted answers, not things like ICs, moving or touching. When you get into that stuff it gets even more nuts. ;)

The point was: YOU GUYS ROCK!
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customization's style.

In effort to make it a little easier for those working on styles for us, I've removed all of the previous overrides and the custom color scheme.

Feel free to suggest a color scheme. Just please, for the love of little saints, no orange.
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CSS and hyperlinks, making them "pretty" without making them incorrect.

If you come across a user who has an a{} definition it's important that you look at all of their hyperlink overrides very carefully before merging any of them together. In some cases the a{} definition can be merged with another definition (such as a:hover{}) but in many cases it can't be merged with other definitions. In order to determine what can and can't be merged you have to know what each of the hyperlink definitions do.

The a{} definition applies to ALL links whether they have been visited or not.

The a:link{} definition applies only to links that are unvisited.

The a:hover{} definition applies only when the mouse cursor "hovers" over the link.

The a:visited{} definition applies only to visited links.

The a:active{} definition applies only to the currently active link.

What can and can't be merged.Collapse )

Its important to note that in all of the above examples the overrides given for "Before" and "After - Correct" will do what the user wants. Do not pass up an otherwise acceptable answer just because some of the hyperlink definitions aren't merged as fully as they could be. The important thing is that they work and that they are correct (they are correctly written and they do everything the user wants to do without leaving something out).

My intent here was to let everyone know about some common misconceptions I'd been seeing that could lead to a user's overrides being rewritten in such a way that they no longer function the way they wanted, not to say that we should reject answers that aren't merged in the ways described in the above examples. As long as the overrides are well written and function properly that's all we're really after. Full merging is nice, but not something that --by itself-- should cause you to pass over an answer.