macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

Required Reading: S2 Q&As

As noted in lj_style, mart has prepared a document with questions and answers about the forthcoming new style system, S2.

Since customization support involves assisting users in working with elements of the style system (whether the most notorious element, the override, or the more powerful elements available to paid members and paid equivalents), customization volunteers should make it a top priority to become as expert as possible in dealing with S2, since that will be at the core of our support work once the exodus is made to the new system.

As mart has noted, questions and comments on his Q&A or on S2 in general should be posted at that lj_style journal entry. Any comments made to this particular posting should generally be restricted to the logistics of the support process itself, such as how we might help train each other on the new system, whether we will be needing new support guidelines dealing with any specific aspects of S2, or any other support-centric chat.
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