/ˈdʒeɪms ˈæd.kɒt/ (adcott) wrote in xxcustomization,
/ˈdʒeɪms ˈæd.kɒt/

Up to nine system styles now

You may have noticed in lj_support the two new system styles are on the scene.
Magazine, authored by lucent and Disjointed by myself

Disjointed: <td>lastn</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76828</td> </tr> </tr> <td>friends</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76829</td> </tr> </tr> <td>calendar</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76830</td> </tr> </tr> <td>day</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76831</td> </tr>
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Magazine: <td>lastn</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76605</td> </tr> </tr> <td>friends</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76606</td> </tr> </tr> <td>calendar</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76607</td> </tr> </tr> <td>day</td> <td>macheide</td> <td>lj_style</td> <td>76608</td> </tr>
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Both styles have resonable overridability, Magazine moreso than Disjointed
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