macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

Style Suite Customization Resource Centers

Just so you know what to expect when it comes, the next batch of journal entries that I post in this community are intended to form the basis for resource centers for each of the system styles, to bring into one central location any background information useful to customization support. Ranging from things like why Tabular Indent doesn't like the foresty green color scheme to which system styles remain immune to <title> changes to what older versions of Netscape make of the Punquin style. Anything that customization support volunteers might want or need to know relating to each of the system styles. Along with recommendations of "best practice" approaches for some of the main customizations most frequently requested under each. I'm hoping to collect information under each style that can be readily used for reference, training, style development, and any other customization support-related activity that concerns any of the system styles.

I'll be making the Resource Centers to be public documents so that any non-priv customization support volunteers can make use of the information. However, I am definitely not anticipating building yet another alternative site to point to for a support response itself. If anyone finds themselves feeling any compulsion to have a support response link through to any of the Resource Center documents, I'd be inclined to see that as a suggestion that a posting in howto might be warranted.

For the initial postings (which initially will be little more than the skeletons), I'll be sending them through with the "backdate" option so it doesn't clutter up friends' pages.
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