macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

LJoverride Euthanasia

Commencing now, it is strongly recommended to avoid including any direct reference or link to ljoverride or any of its journal entries in any responses to customization support requests. Similarly, we should avoid approving any screened responses that include such direct references.

ljoverride is currently undergoing a process of euthanasia under which any material that is deemed suitable (e.g., mainstream customization request stuff like the page transition materials, but possibly also extending to specialized CSS workarounds such as the pluralization techniques) is being proposed for addition to the official LJ community, howto. The fate of any overrides that are felt to be "hacks" (for instance, something like the background stretch override) remains to be decided, but in any event will not remain under the ljoverride roof. Since I personally hate deleting any LJ real estate, I will probably not completely kill LJoverride; but whatever form it transmorgifies to will definitely not involve material that should be referenced in any official support response.

This move should not be interpreted as an attack on non-official discussion of customization issues, such as exists in any of numerous other journals and communities devoted to style and presentation of journalling at LiveJournal. Moreover, as had recently been discussed here, there may be circumstances in which it is appropriate to point to non-official references in a response to a customization question (one nagging example of that being all the requests we get for color charts). In the instance of ljoverride, however, customization support will be best served by eliminating confusion that has existed over that collection vis a vis the degree to which it represented official support (which it was never intended to do).

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