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Several Overrides Moved to howto

As you may or may not know, the ljoverride journal is an unofficial and private journal that has long since out grown its original purpose. Being an unofficial journal there was no way to offer "official" support for the overrides it contained. Many of the overrides it offered have become outdated or outmoded. In an effort to make customization support easier on both users and volunteers alike, many of the overrides that were formerly found in ljoverride are being moved to the official community howto.

This is a positive and necessary step toward offering better support for overrides and creating an official, centralized location to learn about the many things a user can do to customize their journal. It will also make it easier for volunteers to work in customization since there will only be one community to remember and those pesky disclaimers about unofficial communities won't be needed when referencing the howto tutorials.

You may want to copy any information that you are particularly fond of in the ljoverride journal directly into your own notes. Much of the content will be moved as is, with minor editing to update or correct it where needed, to howto. However, the more outdated or hackish overrides (the ones that break several browsers) will not be moved. Support volunteers who still want to use these overrides in their answers are more than welcome to, but if you haven't already, you will need to copy them into your own notes as they won't be moved to howto.

The main goal of this transition is to offer better, more accurate, more complete, and more up to date customization support to users. By moving these overrides to an official location we can accomplish all of these goals as well as point the user in a definite direction to find many of the things they ask for on a regular basis.

As per macheide's long standing wish the unofficial journal ljoverride will soon be obsolete and the official community howto will be an even better resource for all of your customization needs.

Below you will find a quick update on my afternoon's work. I will be moving more overrides this evening and into tomorrow. I apologize for flooding friends pages, but there is no way to backdate an entry in a community.

I have replaced the posts that I have moved from the ljoverride journal with a link to the new tutorial in the official howto community. Its important to note that there is no guarantee that the entries in ljoverride will remain this way and it would be a good idea to update any notes you may have with the new howto links listed below.

[punquin][tabular indent][default][generator][refried paper][notepad] Content Table Transparency

[disjointed] Content Table Transparency

[punquin] Content Table Resizing and Realignment

[default] Content Table Resizing and Realignment

[disjointed] Entries Table Resizing and Realignment

[tabular indent] Content Table Resizing and Realignment

[refried paper] Content Table Resizing and Realignment and Background Image

Page Transitions - Internet Explorer Only

You may also wish to mark this post as a memory as well as the subsequent entries I'll be making as I move things. All future updates on this move can be found in the customization community.

I am cross posting this information to customization, learn_support and lj_support to make sure as many volunteers as possible see it.

I'd also like to thank braindrain, emmavescence, and acerbic who are doing, and have done, the majority of the work with this. I'm just the lucky soul that gets to make all those posts.
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