Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Small changes in several howto tutorials and some new ones.

Please make note of the following changes to some of the howto tutorials:

[tabular indent] Content Table Resizing and Realignment

This is the original realignment post that used to cover Generator, Clean and Simple and Tabular Indent. After some testing it was determined that these overrides needed to be seperated because of a difference in one line of code that worked for one style but not the others.

Please pay careful attention to this change.

The Tabular Indent override uses "table table {width: auto;..." while the Generator/Clean and Simple override uses "table table {width: 100%;..."

[generator][clean and simple] Content Table Resizing and Realignment

This is the new tutorial for the Generator and Clean and Simple system styles.

[punquin][tabular indent][default][generator][refried paper][notepad] Content Table Transparency

Has had Notepad added to it. This was an oversight on my part which braindrain brought to my attention.

Also jproulx has reorganized and updated the memories for howto and you might want to look over them and even reference them where appopriate in support answers.
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