macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

Cross-Browser Cross-Platform Customization Support

As a customization renegade at large, it was easy for me to just say "damn Navigator" and pretend that I only specialized in customizations for IE, preferably 5.0 or newer. Nav 4.0 even seemed to make that highbrowed elitism easier by insisting on ignoring or disfiguring code that passed the W3C validators with ease. Let some other priv pick up the Nav traffic: I couldn't be so bothered.

In the role of customization support admin, I can't afford to give rein to that attitude, at least not for the admin side of things. I will still always be better at IE than at Nav; and customization support will thrive if it continues to have and encourage its specialists. Moreover, LJ cannot ever want or hope to please every single individual quirk, particularly when it comes to legacy compatibility. Even so, I now represent LJ to a broader audience than our IE monkeys; and LJ Customization Support itself must have resources that reach beyond the dim vision of Microsoft, in some cases even if it means allowing for browser extensions beyond the W3C standards.

All of which is long-winded prelude to saying: (1) I think I'd like to see the customization support guidelines -- recommended practice, somewhat shy of required policy -- include some suitable advice relating to cross-browser cross-platform awareness and handling; and (2) Maybe starting with the notorious transparency issue, I'd like to start collecting for that shelf of our knowledge base.
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