Nilesta (nilesta) wrote in xxcustomization,

New tool for support requests

Whilst talking in #lj_support last night, we got around to talking about what a pet peave it was for people to comment when they weren't needed. The example used was (inevitably, perhaps) customization and asking for overrides. Halkeye has hacked a fix to see overrides from support requests, looking like this: Note that those overrides are cut and pasted directly from my test account here, and yes, they are Tjay's.

I'm brining this up because when asked what I thought, I said I'd like it, and really couldn't see Machiede minding either. And so if you do mind, Machiede, now is a good time to say so, before anyone starts pushing to have it installed.

Update: Note also how it will look on support requests themselves: It's the line after the styles. shows it when no overrides are present.
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