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T-Minus One Day

The recent news about the coming of S2 aside... I see no reason to hold off on the move of overrides from ljoverride to howto.

That said. This is your one day warning. I am about to seriously flood the friends page of anyone that lists howto as a friend. You may want to either temporarily remove howto from your friends list or remove it from your default view for a couple of days.

I will post here with the complete list of what has been moved both previously and what I'll have moved tomorrow, once I have finished. This will give us all a complete reference of what ljoverride posts are available for us to link to in howto. Any other overrides from ljoverride you would like to give out in Support will need to be given in the actual answer, rather than in the form of a link to a tutorial. Those overrides will be available to privs in the antiques journal. Screened volunteers will need to copy anything they want to use or keep from ljoverride into whatever type of document they would like.

I currently have everything that was marked earlier as being moved in a text file on my computer and will be mass moving them at some point tomorrow. Once I have finished making those posts the ljoverride journal will be completely obsolete. July 31st is it for ljoverride. Anything you want to keep will need to be copied over into your own notes by then.

Poll #49214 LJOverride, The Long Kiss Goodnight

How should LJOverride be "retired"?

Mark it as deleted.
Delete all of the entries but don't mark the journal for deletion.
Make all of the entries Private with no public entry.
Make all of the entries Private but make a public entry telling users to go to HowTo.
Insert an unclosed <embed> tag in the GLOBAL_HEAD override. (this will cause the html cleaner to eat all of the remaining code and the journal to be completely blank, even to a view source)
Insert a malformed GLOBAL_HEAD override. (open with <!-- but leave out the closing -->, this will cause the journal not to display but will allow a view source to show the code)
Get Abuse to suspend it! That LJOverride has been harassing me for ages!
Other (see below)

None of the above. I would like to retire LJOverride by:

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