i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck (acerbic) wrote in xxcustomization,
i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck

LJOverride murdering and Antiques.

This post is serving as a sort of follow-up to arie's post earlier tonight regarding the killing of ljoverride. If you haven't been following what's going on with it, the most informative posts are located here, here, and here.

Everything has been moved, reorganized, and rememorified in antiques. The members list of this community has been taken and checked against the priv listings to be sure everyone actually is still a priv in customization. The people that passed (minus a few admins, who we figured wouldn't really be interested) have been added as friends, and can access the posts that are in antiques. If you are a priv and don't have access, but want it, leave a comment or send me, braindrain, emmavescence, or arie an email and someone can add you. Screened users will need to save anything they want to save from ljoverride before the 31st.

Later, when arie finishes up with adding the rest of the things to howto, I'll take another run through and clean up the memories a little more. For the most part, though, things should be all set.

Point: Don't be alarmed when you see some weird new person listing you as a friend.

Lots of thanks and cookies should be sent to arie for doing all the moving to howto, and braindrain and emmavescence for doing all the early stages of setting up antiques and rememorifying.

Questions or comments should be directed to anyone but me - I'm just doing the dirty work ;)
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