macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

Customization Support Administrator: Arieanne

I am very pleased to welcome arie as an administrator of the Customization Support Category. (See the lj_support announcement.)

I look forward to Arie conducting every cust admin activity, from the toilsome closures to user communications to priv candidates to documentation to policy development and enforcement to coordination with the other support admins. I anticipate her also being heavily involved in administration of emerging structural changes that we hope will improve support overall and cust support specifically.

Already, Arie had been providing extensive assistance in all of these activities. As an administrator, she will continue to coordinate with me on areas where we need our combined efforts. But she carries the full authority and responsibility of Customization Support Administrator, and I do not expect her to be reporting to me. Like myself and all other admins, she will be accountable directly to opi and those over him. Take any questions, concerns or complaints, suggestions, or assistance to her as you would to me or any other admin.

Although cust support can be a fun place to volunteer, the phenomenal growth and creative energy at LiveJournal don't make it easy fun. If administration can't make it any easier, at least it can aim to make it more effective, for the user, for the support volunteer, and for LiveJournal itself. Arie will be a strong, positive force in that role. I urge you to join me in working with her to make cust support the best it can be!
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