macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

dealing with the new head filters

some suggestions on dealing with the new head filters

  1. explaining it to someone to whom the filter has already been applied--for free accounts, ok to use the boilerplate provided at (i.e., not considered unauthorized copying). modify as appropriate for paid accounts who were using such overrides (as has been quite frequent, sadly). if you devise your own version of a response, please keep it close to the boilerplate in terms of underlying concepts and policy and recommendation

    update--see situation-specific responses

  2. warning users who have not yet made changes--if a user is requesting assistance on an override and inspection of their existing page indicates current use of body elements in an existing head override, a brief warning of the new policy would be in order. if the user is wishing assistance on an override that does not involve the existing head overrides (e.g., a comment link override), then the existing head override will remain intact as long as the head override itself has not been changed

    update--see situation-specific responses

  3. picking up the broken pieces--thank you, brad, for not completely filtering out the body tags; instead, the tags are left intact, but given 'xx-' prefixes that render them inoperable. that will be of very very very great assistance to cust support for -- (i) paid accounts that now might be coming to us for assistance on how to move those tags into the body of a custom style, and (ii) ditto for any free accounts who decide to belly up to the bar to buy a paid account and need the same service

    update--see situation-specific responses

  4. howto--whew, did ljoverride die a timely death, or what? anyway, there are several entries even in howto itself that are going to have to be modified or jettisoned. details forthcoming

    update--see summary of deleted posts

  5. be prepared for some reports of UFOs (unruly free-roaming overrides)--of course, you know i had to set this community itself up to be one of several guinea pigs for this filter change, yes? ok, so of course the way i'm handling the div does survive the new purge. but i'd set something up that was not to have survived: the links that i'd started building that had been displaying to the right of the screen. ok, inspect the source code, and quite as expected those have been 'xx-'ed out. but the text itself remains, as is evident at the top of the page (which i'll leave intact for a while, for illustration purposes). any such 'weird' results don't change any of the ways we react to it; but just be on the alert: should there be reports of strange things happening to a page, this might be where it's coming from

[more to come on this as we proceed...including maybe even some resolution to the real whole underlying issue (hint: not entirely restricted to non-standard HTML)]
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