Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Posts removed from HowTo

The following posts in howto were removed because they will no longer function due to the recent changes to what's allowed in a *_HEAD tag. Please check out FAQ 124 for details on what is allowed.

Embedding Background Music ( - removed due to <bgsound> in <head>, Update: Edited as tutorial/instructions for paid members.

Adding a Banner Image ( - removed due to <img> in <head>

Adding a Third Party Counter, <div> Version ( - removed due to <div in <head>

Changing Displayed Title in Webley ( - removed due to <span> in <head>

Changing Default Displayed Title in Default ( - removed due to <span> in <head>

Also, any tags that are allowed need to be in lower case. The FAQs should be corrected now, but when checking a user's overrides if they are having the 'xx' added to their background override, this is why. Especially if they were using the background override straight from the FAQ. More on this in lj_userdoc here.
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