Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Change is good.

Especially when its a changeable subject!

Supporthelp privs can now change the summary line of a user's request. You can do this by selecting "Internal Comment / Action" for the reply type and then checking the "Change summary:" option. The text you type in the box will become the new summary and an IC will be left indicating that the subject was changed from "foo" to "bar."

Spiffy, huh?

Okay so there's just a couple things I'd like to see done here.

First, lets not get too carried away with this. Changing subjects is good. Very, very good. But if the summary line already pretty much says what's needed, even if its couched in "PLz hElp MEh!!!11", its best to leave it be. We don't want to change any subjects that we don't have to because it does make it more difficult for a user to find their own request again if they are looking for it on the board itself instead of using the link from their confirmation e-mail. This completely does not outweigh the benefits of changing the subject when its totally out there and doesn't say anything about the actual contents of the request so use your own judgment, you all seriously know what you are doing. :)

Second, be as descriptive as possible. If there are several things they are requesting, list them all in the subject. The flip side of this is, nobody wanted to read War and Peace the first time ;). Your summaries don't need to be epitome's of grammatical prowess, just a few words about each item the requester wants will be wonderful. For example "inserting custom scrollbar, changing comments links, background image override" will work just fine for "This user is humbly and politely requesting the implementation of custom scroll bar colors, a unique background image that they have, as yet, not uploaded and would also like instructions for inserting a catchy comment phrase to liven up their otherwise pointless quiz result entries."

Lastly, if a request involves advanced overrides above and beyond basic correction of existing overrides or references to FAQs or HowTo entries or more extensive help with their custom style please insert a "+" in front of the subject. For example, "+ inserting former overrides into custom style." This will help volunteers easily identify the more complex and time consuming requests.

I am so excited about this change. This is incredible! This is going to be fantastic for managing the board and make it so much easier for us to help users. To all of you who have already been playing with our shiny new toy, thank you very much. :) I can see the board looking better already! You guys really are the best!
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