Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,


This has been discussed in a couple other places but its scattered about so its making it hard for me to get a consensus.

So do we or don't we feel that a customization only version of learn_support would be helpful? Not necessarily just in relation to the mentoring program (if you are a cust priv and haven't volunteered and you would like to, please comment here) but with helping all volunteers?

If you want you can even just link to your comments earlier; its just easier to figure out what everybody thinks about something if its all in one place. :)

Also this is public because I'd also like to know what screened volunteers would think about having a cust only version of learn_support, since whatever we do it will be primarily for their benefit. So I want to hear from everyone please. That means you can all be as rambly as you like. ;)

You guys are the best!
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