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I. Internal Comments
      This has been said several times in the past, but it becomes more important with the introduction of Interim Privs: internal comments need to remain as professional as an answer that goes out to the user. There have been bugs in the past that allowed user's to see Internal Comments and with "screened internal comments" an IC could mistakenly be sent out to the user. Keeping your ICs to a level of professionalism equal to an answer minimizes the damage that could be caused with this.
      The introduction of I1 allows some screened volunteers to make "red box" Internal Comments. This will mean there are fewer people who may find a need to make "screened internal comments" and reduces the risk of accidentally approving one. That said, there are also now more people then ever able to make and see ICs, so professionalism in ICs becomes more important then ever.
      Additionally, if you don't have anything relevant to add to a request through an IC, then there is no need to add one. Information that can easily be obtained by viewing the user's journal or style, or comments unrelated to the request would be examples of items that don't need to be put in an IC. Examples of items that would go in an IC are: partial answers that you don't have time to finish and are leaving for someone else to finish, ideas on how to accomplish what the user is requesting, notes on what a particular answer may be lacking, or for supporthelp privs a note that you are contacting another volunteer about changing their answer slightly.

II. Duplicate Requests
      When a duplicate request is moved off the board, it needs to have a comment made to the user letting them know about it and explaining the reason to prevent them from opening yet another request. Since only supporthelp privs can make a comment to the user, those with I2 should not move duplicate requests to support@. Instead, please leave an internal comment that the request is a duplicate, with a link to the other request, so that supporthelp privs will be able to comment and move the request off the board.

III. Supporthelp Privs vs. Interim Privs Duties
      A. Since those with interim privs are still screened themselves, you are not responsible for answering questions in learn_support regarding why an answer was not approved. Nor are you responsible for e-mailing volunteers to resubmit an answer, or for doing reviews for screened volunteers. Though these maybe tempting to do, especially for those close to getting supporthelp priv, please refrain. These types of contact are best suited to those who have full access and knowledge to correct any problems that may arise.
      B. As a volunteer with interim privs you have reached a special milestone in the process of earning supporthelp priv and it is to your benefit to focus on how the new information available to you can help you hone and improve your own answers in that category.
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