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Customization Policies and Procedures

I have gathered up all the various policy and procedure posts regarding Customization that have been made and put them in one place. Hopefully this will make it easier to keep up with things in the future, since as new policies and guidelines are decided, I can just add them to the appropriate posts.

Just to clarify, all the items included in all three of the posts below have been discussed at some point previous to this. I went back through every post in learn_support, customization, and lj_support to get all of this information. There were many items that we had all been letting slide recently and this should clarify those points. But as I said none of these items are new; if you have something to add then please let me know, but none of the items listed are removable at this point.

The only new item is the bandwidth theft item which is relatively new and isn't really a debateable issue since it involves ToS.

I've divided them up by level of privs in descending order. Each level of privs has its own post; you can make any or all of the individual posts memories. However, this Table of Contents post will be the only one that is placed in the community memories to ensure that new privs and volunteers see all of the information available as it applies to them.

You can find all of these posts together without the Table of Contents here. Supporthelp privs should read everything from the top down. Interim privs should read everything from the middle down (where the "all privs" mark is) and screened volunteers without interim privs should read from the all volunteers mark down.

A couple of terms to understand.
supporthelp privs
refers to those with full or full category privs
interims or interim privs
refers to those with either I1 (supportviewscreened, supportmakeinternal) or I2 (I1, supportviewinternal, supportmovetouch) interim privs
screened volunteers
refers to those who do not have any level of privs yet: note that those with interim privs are also still "screened" since they cannot approve answers, but for the purposes of these posts they are referred to separately as interims

>>S U P P O R T H E L P   P R I V S<<

>>A L L   P R I V S   ( I N C L U D I N G   I N T E R I M S )<<

>>A L L   V O L U N T E E R S   ( I N C L U D I N G   S C R E E N E D )<<
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