Melissa (asciident) wrote in xxcustomization,

some notes...

I realize that we are trying to establish some guidelines/policies at the moment, but in the meantime, I would like to say a few things...

There are some privved people who, despite watching this community and knowing what we are trying to accomplish, are breaking some "guidelines" that I really feel should be enforced. Let me cut right to the chase.

* If you tell a user to put a <div>, <img>, <table> or any other such <body>-specific tag inside of a *_HEAD override, give a strong warning that this is invalid HTML and will break the page in some browsers. Additionally, if there is a way around using such methods it is preferred that you give them the more valid method.

* Be completely accurate. Be aware of the limitations of each style. Know that if a user has the Notepad style for LASTN, let them know their GLOBAL/LASTN_HEAD overrides will not work. Know that Webley, while slightly more flexible (note slightly) is similarly limited.

* Test the code before you allow it to be handed it out. Get a test account if necessary.

* Know the answer is correct before approving/answering.

* I thought we all had this one down by now, but don't tell them to switch to another style.

I've made my share of mistakes and so have all of you. But I'm seeing some problems crop up repeatedly with customization requests. So let's all take this to heart and really work to make our answers as good as they can be. Thank you.
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