Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Random Stats!

Because they're fun!

In the last 2 months volunteers in the Customizaton category have submitted 4,941 answers (screened or otherwise).

--That averages out to just over 82 answers submitted a day.
--2,243 of those answers were submitted by volunteers who currently have no privs at all (I1, I2, or Supporthelp). Thats 45% of all submitted answers! Of course that's just answers submitted, it doesn't have anything to do with approvability. ;)
--Supporthelp privs sumbitted the second highest number of answers with 1,167.
--Followed very closely by I2s at 1,019 submitted answers.
--Nine (9) I1 privs were responsible for an amazing 512 of all submitted answers!
--There were 20 Supporthelp privs, 11 I2 privs, and 9 I1 privs submitting answers during this time.
--We have given 16 I1, 8 I2, and 3 Supporthelp privs in the last 2 months (since the beginning of interim privs).

Okay I think I've milked all the completely useless information I could out of that. It was only for submitted answers, not things like ICs, moving or touching. When you get into that stuff it gets even more nuts. ;)

The point was: YOU GUYS ROCK!
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