Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Follow-Ups, Closings, Support & NaNoWriMo

Anyone who doesn't know yet that I'm participating in NaNo hasn't been paying attention. ;) I'm sure you'll all be happy to hear I'm still on target to finish, a little ahead even. :P

Alot of Support is participating in NaNo. Basically, what this means is we're all busy writing novels instead of doing Support. Which is wonderful because the world needs more hastily written, unedited novels. On the flip side Support, and Customization is a touch neglected. A little neglect is fine, nothing in Cust is ever that earth shattering, and nobody will die if we wait a few days to tell them how to color their scrollbar or hover their mouse cursor. We've got plenty of time to catch it all up in December.

But in the interest of helping each other out and keeping the board at least somewhat tidy, I'd like to ask that we get back to the follow up of youreplied and the e-mailing of the closing lists. This will help everyone because a request doesn't always get regreened if a user comments back, so it could go an extra long time this month without being noticed. You can also use the xx that g/unk uses in its subject lines to indicate that a request is closeable. Just put a double x (xx) at the beginning of the current subject summary. Indicating something is closeable will help everyone save time by realizing they don't have to go into that request, its been handled.

Please, follow up on your youreplied filters whether you have the ability to change the subject or not. I1s and I2s can also leave ICs indicating they believe the request is closeable. Whether you are just leaving an IC or changing the subject, please indicate exactly why the request is closeable. "User applied overrides" "user changed their mind (link to a post in their journal where they say they want something else, perhaps)" etc. Do NOT worry about marking requests that are "old" as closeable. If a user hasn't applied overrides, a priv can nag them and eventually it will get closed by me.

Thanks a bunch guys! Good luck to those working on novels this month!
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