Arie (arie) wrote in xxcustomization,

Fixing HowTo tutorial for Generator Realign/Resize

Made two changes to Generator Realign/Resize override.

1/ Adjusted percentages to equal 95% to prevent horizontal scroll bar in certain situations. It was mentioned the default is center and the horizontal scrollbar is elminated if you remove the margin-left and right values, however users may want the journal placed non-center. For ease of use by the sometimes less than expierenced, its best to leave in the margin-right/left and drop the total to 95 than explain each set of circumstances and a series of overrides.

2/ changed the table table table value to auto vice 0 to prevent bugginess in Mozilla with display of currents. If you notice oddness due to this change please drop me an e-mail at howto [at] arieanne [dot] org.
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