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brief post regarding S2

Now, before you all panic, I just wanted to bring it up for some minor discussion. :) I don't mean to scare anyone, and I'm certainly not declaring what will or will not happen in customisation or customisation support. Because I don't know what exactly Brad has in mind for S2 LJ integration or how Jesse, Arie, etc. plan on supporting it. :)

With that in mind...

Click to view a layer source.

This, basically, is the future of customisation if S2 is implemented "as is" -- that is, with any bugs/kinks ironed out and obviously adapted to LJ. That code powers a page like this (to avoid confusion, it's meant to look like a directory).

For a "prettier" example, see this layer source and what it produces.

Now, it's my understanding -- and again, this is not final or official, it's simply what I know so far -- all users will be able to use customisation "wizards"; I presume most of you are familiar with these. If you're not, please comment, and I'll do my best to explain. However, it's also my understanding that paid/perm/(presumably)EA users will be able to create their own layout layers. The kind I linked above.

How do you feel about this? Are you nervous? Think you can't do it? Or think you can? Do you want time to learn it or get a feel for it before it's introduced to The General Public? Let me hear it, I want all your thoughts on this. Don't hold back.

No one here will be berated or made to feel bad/stupid/whatever if they express views that I or others don't like or don't agree with. Please do not refrain from commenting because you feel you might "get yelled at" or anything. And please do not do that to others. I want an open, helpful and honest conversation, not a flame war. Thanks! :)

Edit: Please see this. It's an "overrides wizard" -- that's not a real name, but it's the best way I can describe it. It's sort of like modify.bml in what it does. In terms of it's a way the user can edit the properties of the current layer they're using.

Edit 2: For a comparison of S1 to S2, see this. If it appears jumbled, refresh. Disclaimer: it is not totally technically accurate as S2 is not currently implemented for LJ, but it gives a general idea.
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