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The difficulties with S2, from a support standpoint.

It is my honest opinion that a lot of the worrying that has been going on in regards to S2 is completely groundless.

Yes, this is a new way of doing things, but the basic principles applicable to customization support will remain the same. If you think about it about 95% of the customization requests that come in are solved by basic CSS tweaking. This will be no different with S2, the syntax for CSS is going to be the same, right? Joe Average is not going to bothered about the new capabilities to do complex foreach loops, all he wants is to make his links go all kick ass and blurry when you hover over them. That means all you need to do is find the bit that looks like CSS and put in your prettifying bits.

But what about the rest? what about the ones who want to create their own S2 styles? well think about how you learned to use the current style system, simple copy and paste, right? this will not be any different.
If you take a look at this example asciident linked to in her recent customization post, you will see the current "easy" syntax followed by the new "hard" one. But if you look harder, the basic principles are the same, just with different words.

To give a more specific example:

LASTN_CURRENT=>Current %%lc.what%%: %%value%%<br />

in the current style system produces the text for the specific current and sticks a line break after it.
With S2 it looks like this:

function print_current(Current c)
print "Current $c.what: $c.value<br />";

ARGH! intimidating!! but if you think about it, all you have to worry about is the <br /> bit, the rest will allways remain the same. Yes, it's got the word "function" and has dollar signs all over the place, but that's really nothing you need to be worried about. All you need to know is it works and you can stick in HTML wherever you like in the "print" bit to make it look pretty.

When it boils down to it, all customization support is is making things look pretty for other people. You will always be using HTML and CSS to do that. Fret not about the rest, it will not be applicable very often and in the rare occasion that it might be, we have more than a handful of programming literate people to hand to help out.

So sit back, stick on some Pink Floyd and relax, it's not going to as bad as you think. Infact it wont be bad at all, it's gonna kick ass!
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