i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck (acerbic) wrote in xxcustomization,
i'm just a stupid fuck with brilliant luck

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I really didn't think I'd ever make this post and mean it. The way things are right now, I can't do this anymore. My activity levels on the board have been dwindling, this past month or two, and I can't imagine that reversing at any point in time unless the wheels of administration stop running backwards. Take my privs away, because God knows I've been doing this for a year (a year as of yesterday, actually) but I surely can't be trusted to not randomly screw things up and know my own limits.

I'll miss playing with code and making people's journals uglier than I could ever imagine, but that's about it. Stress as an excuse or not, I won't miss how I've been, and seen other people be, treated the past month or so. And who knows, maybe things'll change and I'll be back. Or maybe I'll get replaced and I won't need to come back. *shrugs*
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