macheide (macheide) wrote in xxcustomization,

Main Areas of LiveJournal Customization Support

The main areas of LiveJournal customization for which support will be provided by support volunteers are:

  1. Paid Member Style Creation/Editing/Use (excluding embedding uses, which will be handled by the Embedding Support group)

  2. Override Customizations (for both paid and free accounts)

  3. Customized Style Components such as color schemes, currents, mood themes, and other elements of styles that can be customized via means other than style editing or override. Some of the questions arising here probably belong in the general/unknown department; but many do touch on customization, and will be addressed in that context if appropriate.

  4. Customization of Content. Ranging from some of the early FAQs dealing with making text bold to more advanced HTML/CSS, this area relates to localized customizations within each field, notably the event field.

Technically, there is a farther customization horizon for which we will not provide any formal, official support: a user who braces at the bit of the javascript ban or the limitation on the currents or the existing HTML filters or just about any other existing restriction always has the option of mounting the LiveJournal source code on their own server and running an independent mirror of LJ, then modifying that code to revise or extend the restrictions, then customizing within that framework. That rather obvious off-limits possibility helps emphasize the areas that we will cover: those areas within the LiveJournal community itself where users have options for making individual alterations, ranging from A to Z.
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