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Comments Pluralization and Currents Respecification

I would just like to tell you that these are both now possible.

This should be credited to yarnall, who came up with this for the pluralization of comments, which in turn has inspired me with a customization option for the currents [example].

Essentially, how it's done is to add a class to the area in question and then toggle the display properties in the *_HEAD for each option.
The following is examples of how it would be acieved for the different style types:


The following applies to all styles (you may want to bold the link in generator to achieve a match to the default style):

<style type="text/css">
.ss, .p {display: none}

<A HREF="%%urlread%%">%%messagecount%% word<span class="s%%mc-plural-s%%">singular ending</span><span class="p%%mc-plural-s%%">plural ending</span></A> |

Currents: (paid members only)

<style type="text/css">
.mood, .amusic {display:none}

generator base

<td class="meta">[</td>
<td class="%%lc:what%%" align="right"><b class="meta">music override</b></td>
<td class="a%%lc:what%%" align="right"><b class="meta">mood override'</b></td>
<td class="meta" align="center">|</td>
<td class="meta">%%value%%</td>
<td class="meta">]</td>

default, punquin & webley base

<BR><span class="%%lc:what%%"><B>music override:</B> <I>%%value%%</I></span><span class="a%%lc:what%%"><B>mood override:</B> <I>%%value%%</I></span>

notepad base

<BR><span class="%%lc:what%%">music override: %%value%%.</span><span class="a%%lc:what%%">mood override: %%value%%.</span>

tabular base

<TR><TD ALIGN="right" class="%%lc:what%%"><FONT COLOR="%%color:weak_text%%">music override:</FONT></TD><TD ALIGN="right" class="a%%lc:what%%"><FONT COLOR="%%color:weak_text%%">mood override:</FONT></TD><TD><FONT COLOR="%%color:weak_text%%">%%value%%.</FONT></TD></TR>

refried paper base

<tr><td class="%%lc:what%%"><font class="date"><b>music override:</b></font></td><td class="a%%lc:what%%"><font class="date"><b>mood override:</b></font></td><td><font class="date">%%value%%</font></td></tr>
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